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The real value of munition t-shirts (Re:

> I've found that the real value of my shirt is the fact that it's  
> a valuable cypherpunk detector device for strangers who have come 
> up to me and said,"Wow!  Is that the shirt I've heard so much about.
. are 
> you really a cypherpunk... hey there nice perl... " etc. etc. etc.  
> been approached about it at a Taco Bell, at the movies, and 
> at a favorite coffee house of mine (several times, in fact).  One 
night I 
> wore it to a dance club here in Baltimore, and no less than 6 
people, all 
> of whom I had never met before, approached me about it and wanted 
to talk 
> about cypherpunk issues.  None of them were on the list.
Same here.  I also find that it is a good way to let other people -
know- about
ITAR and crypto.  At school I have had around 20 people ask me about 
it.  From
students to teacher to administration.  I also wore mine to a dance 
club here in 
Salt Lake City and was approached by a few people.  I think it is a 
good way to
at least let people know about the situation.  Makes some news 
friends also.

Eldon Jenkins
PRODIGY Tech Support

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