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censored with Perry

Enzo Michelangeli writes:

>In any case, before Perry (rightly) send us stern reminders of the scarce
>crypto relevance of this thread, let's take it out of Cypherpunks and,
>if someone is interested, let's continue by e-mail.

   Perry is again narrowly defining allowable speech on Cypherpunks.
Encryption becomes a trivial topic if its best medium is taken by the
States. Perry is still in his "only encryption algorithms in C is a
proper topic for Cypherpunks" mode. This is a direction that if followed
would take the vitality and relevance out of the Cypherpunks list. Perry
does a disservice for Cypherpunks.

   Since when did Cypherpunks become the mailing list fit for Perry? Perry
makes a big deal out of "nobody speaks for Perry" yet on Cypherpunks he
has decided that he sets the parameters for allowed speech. When did Perry
come to own the list? Where did he get this "authority" to tell other
Cypherpunks to shut up? As Perry often presumptiously and rudely reminds
C'punks that their speech is not tolerable, we must also take the time
and trouble to occasionally tell Perry to shove his opinions up his ass.

                                                         Gary Jeffers