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   11-27-95. NYPaper:

   "An Intel computer security expert runs afoul of the law.
   So much for the 'hacker ethic'?"

      Regardless of whether one sees Randal Schwartz as a
      white knight with questionable judgment or a computer
      criminal who deserves jail time, his tale contains
      valuable lessons for anyone who uses or manages a
      corporate computer system. On the Internet, computer
      programmers and systems administrators have debated
      whether Mr. Schwartz was a hero or a criminal. The
      on-line jury is divided. Most concluded that he was
      guilty of poor judgment, not criminal intent. Some say
      the case has killed the hacker ethic. "If I saw someone
      on the Internet with a security weakness, at this point
      I would be reluctant to act the Good Samaritan and
      report it," said Jeffrey Kegler, an independent software
      consultant in Sunnyvale Calif. "If I saw weakness in
      Intel's machine, I'd keep it to myself."

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