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Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and anon.penet.fi

At least you don't accuse me of being a Communist.  For the record, I am not
a tool of the CIA nor have they pressured me, but there's no reason for you
to believe me.  

Esther Dyson 

At 08:23 PM 9/2/96 +1000, Julian Assange wrote:

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>Examining in detail Dyson's interests it appears she maintains a
>sizeable and long-standing interest in Eastern European technology
>companies. She is also clearly very far to the right of the political
>spectrum (rampant capitalist would be putting it mildly). She also speaks
>Russian. I'm not saying she has been working for the CIA for the past
>decade, but I would be very surprised if the CIA has not exerted quite
>significant pressure (which they are easily able to do given the
>location of many of Dyson's assets) in order to bring her into their
>folds during that time period.
>"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely  exercised for the good of its victims  
> may be the most  oppressive.  It may be better to live under  robber barons  
> than  under  omnipotent  moral busybodies,  The robber baron's  cruelty may  
> sometimes sleep,  his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who  
> torment us for own good  will torment us  without end,  for they do so with 
> the approval of their own conscience."    -   C.S. Lewis, _God in the Dock_ 
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