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Re: anon.penet.fi: URGENT REQUEST

Someone wrote:
: ! > I remember the load on anon.penet.fi was something like 7500 messages
: ! > daily. As for connection, you will need 64kbps line or even less in case
: ! > you compress the messages. The machine could be either an older Sun Sparc
: ! > or a PC running free Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/...)

anon.penet.fi actually used a 486/66 running FreeBSD.

Dave Harman OBC ([email protected]) wrote:
: ! I suggest the following configuration: a IBM 486 PC with 16MB of
: ! RAM and 28.8 modem, running qmail instead of sendmail and Linux,
: How is qmail better than sendmail?  The default BSD sendmail since 8.00+
: has automated ident requests built in.  It can easily be compiled without
: that default option, for greater efficiency.

Disable reverse-DNS too...

: ! on a dedicated 28.8 PPP line. The cheapest used VGA display from
: ! the nearby waste dump will work just fine.
: Hell, any monitor should work!

You don't need a monitor at all.  Since we're assuming that the remailer
is a dedicated machine, and you'll do your real work on another computer,
just plug a null modem cable into the serial ports and use a terminal
program on your other computer.

: ! Estimated cost: $700-1000 for the system, $50-100/month for the
: ! connection, and 3 hours per day to deal with mailbombing from

$500 tops.  8MB is probably okay, 16 might improve resistance to mailbombs
a bit tho.  You can get 486 motherboards for under $100 nowadays.
Do the math: used 486 MB+CPU: $100
                    16MB RAM: $150
            case+powersupply: $50
                    100MB HD: $20
               HD Controller: $15
      Dual 16550 Serial Card: $15
              28800bps Modem: $150

And if you really want to run a remailer, I can sell you most of the above,
and I'll even throw in a 340MB IDE HD with Linux+remailers preinstalled!
(Yes, I'm serious.)