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Declaring The Ultimatum To Fascist Germany

! (I also don't dislike Germans in general. I studied some German in high
! school--don't ask me to use it, though!--and have visited Germany. They
! just have a certain well-known tendency to take the authoritarian path at
! times.)

Yes.  How to get an anonymous Unix shell account in Germany, Singapore
and the UK?  Easy here, but is some *law* or custom in Germany to
force ISP customers to show to demand passports or Germany's national
ID card the citizens are forced to carry at all times under penalty
of jail for the failure to do so?

There's obvious reasons why I and Declan would like to get accounts
anonymously.  But I'd do it with my passport name if I am able to do
so.  Distributing censored information carries more of a political
statement if conducted by those with accounts that are located in the
unfree country itself.  If something like Gerhard Lauck is practical
proof, only those who intend to actually ever go to Europe or Asia
in the status quo need worry about actually getting incarcerated for
situationist anti-censorship activities.  Who cares, I don't,