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Herr Schmidt

At 3:20 PM 9/5/96, Stephan Schmidt wrote:

>Definetly not.
>There is an advisory from the Generalbundesanwaltschaft and
>the ICTF that ISPs should ('have to') restrict the access to
>those urls.
>But so far nothing happend. I asked some people
>to try the urls and there where no restrictions.
>(I encounterd no restrictions myself.)

By the way, I used the name "Schmidt" in my satire post, sent out earlier
this morning. I picked that name randomly, being a common German name
(cognate to Smith, I believe), and meant nothing with regard to Stephan.

(I also don't dislike Germans in general. I studied some German in high
school--don't ask me to use it, though!--and have visited Germany. They
just have a certain well-known tendency to take the authoritarian path at


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