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Re: Herr Schmidt

> (I also don't dislike Germans in general. I studied some German in high
> school--don't ask me to use it, though!--and have visited Germany. They
> just have a certain well-known tendency to take the authoritarian path at
> times.)

Agreed :)

I talked to someone about censorship here in Germany
and we both think there is not much around.
Germans are always amused when american film stars come
to a German tv show and ask if they can use words like
fuck on tv. Or the beeps in some songs on mtv Europe.

The only big 'censorship' in Germany concerns
extrem left and right wing texts etc
(e.g. 'Ausschwitzluege', which is, when someone says
ausschwitz is a lie), because it's
illegal to distribute such things.

And some censorship is involved in selling video games,
although the concept is often misunderstood in the US. 
Video Games are not censored and can be bought by adults. 
It's only prohibited to sell these things to kids.

And to this 'Herr Schmidt': most of the people I know
are amused about 'Anglos' using this Herr XXX 
(say on skyone, nbc, etc.) stuff, because
no German uses this phrase in this way :)

And I thought cypherpunks are more open,
concerning some mails I received.

I think I had to say this, so don't bother.


PS: and to those who mailed : it`s stephan not stephen ;)