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Re: Death Threats

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:
> crime"? Don't I believe in free speech? Well, if I hear that Vladimir G.
> Nulis says I should be killed, and that he is coming to California to take
> care of this, I have no compunctions, liberrarian or otherwise, about
> shooting first at the first sign of his appearance on my property.
> Understandably, the government does not wish this to happen. Thus, I have
> no problem with illegalizing direct and concrete threats. General threats,
> such as "all lawyers should be taken out into the parking lot and garotted"
> are not specific, direct, and concrete, and hence fall under the free
> speech provisions.)

I have heard of one person who was shot to death trying to visit a woman
who had a restraining order against him.

I don't think they even bothered trying to prosecute her; on the other
hand, this isn't California...

BTW, if you are a libberarian now, I suggest you use some sort of

> --Tim May
> We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that that ain't allowed.

Where's that from?

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