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Re: We removed radikal 154 from xs4all :(

At 6:31 PM 9/23/96, tank wrote:
>Hi all,
>We have temporary removed radikal 154 from xs4all.
>We did this because the german ICTF and BAW continued to stop IP-traffic
>to and from xs4all. They not only blocked the web-server (with more than

Unfortunately, this means that Germany wins.

This will embolden Germany and other nations to apply similar pressures to
other ISPs.

While I don't fully understand the economic pressures the IP-traffic
blockage may have had on your site, it is sad that a user account has been
removed because some foreign government doesn't like it.

My recommendation is that you restore radikal 154's account immediately,
and post a message to all customers and on various Net forums indicating
you will not remove user accounts for materials which do not violate your
own national laws.

--Tim May

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