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Re: We removed radikal 154 from xs4all :(

> >We have temporary removed radikal 154 from xs4all.
> >
> >We did this because the german ICTF and BAW continued to stop IP-traffic
> >to and from xs4all. They not only blocked the web-server (with more than
> ...
> Unfortunately, this means that Germany wins.

Nope, hang on .....

> This will embolden Germany and other nations to apply similar pressures to
> other ISPs.
> While I don't fully understand the economic pressures the IP-traffic
> blockage may have had on your site, it is sad that a user account has been
> removed because some foreign government doesn't like it.

xs4all didn't remove our account. It's still alive and kickin'.

We removed issue 154 _temporary_ so we force the ictf and BAW to block all
48 sites or to stop censoring xs4all. The situation now was that xs4all
had to suffer for having been the first ISP where the radikal was hosted.
We pointed the BAW and the ICTF to all the mirrors and said to them that
their decicion to block xs4all was not enough to block radikal 154 from
german netizens and that censorship will lead to the opposite. They won't
listen and tried to let xs4all pay for not removing radikal 154. 

XS4ALL lost some customers due the blockade.

We (SPG) were the ones who have put the radikal online. We are glad to
have xs4all as isp. They didn't force us to remove the radikal 154. We
did it, and we do it temporary. The issue 154 will be put online as soon
as we think the situation is there.

henk (SPG)