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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]


	I do support the presence of troops in Northern Ireland and
do not consider that to contradict my belief that there should be a
united, autonamous Ireland. I do not believe that the "loyalists" are
in fact loyal to the British way of life, any more than the KKK are
representative of the US south.

	Troops are in Northern Ireland for a very simple and depressing
reason. People like Jim want to impose their will on others by force.
Despite prolonged attempts by each faction to assasinate the leaders of
the other they have been unsuccessful. If terrorists trained by Lybia
and Syria are unable to assasinate at will then we can be sure thaqt Jim's
band of kooks is not going to get any further.

	If the integration of both Irealand and the UK into the European
Union has not ended the situation the complete lack of government
will not either. 

	It is suprising that someone from the press has not seized upon Jims
ideas as cause for another cyber-scare. I suspect this is because people
like Markof are somewhat more responsible. This is not going to stop me
from producing an op-ed piece linkiing the net libertarians to assasination
politics unless I hear a few more repudiations of Bell's ideas. If you
don't very clearly reject his murderous ideas you are going to regret it
just as the left regreted having the USSR or the RAF associated with them.