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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]

Hallium said:
> 	Troops are in Northern Ireland for a very simple and depressing
> reason. People like Jim want to impose their will on others by force.
> Despite prolonged attempts by each faction to assasinate the leaders of
> the other they have been unsuccessful. If terrorists trained by Lybia
> and Syria are unable to assasinate at will then we can be sure thaqt Jim's
> band of kooks is not going to get any further.

     That is your problem. You can't seem to get away from the thought that
somebody is trying to rule. You assume that Mr. Bell wants to be 
President and Supreme Dictator of the World. 

     Remeber your introduction to formal logic? It is A or NOT A, not 
A or B. NOT A _can_ be B, but it can also be anything BUT A. What Mr. Bell
wants, and I agree with is that NOT A. We don't want B, C, D, or any thing 
else, other than NOT A. 

     I remember this set of lines from an anarchist "newspaper" from the 
     Q: What are you going to replace the government with after you get 
        rid of it?
     A: Do you replace a cancer when you remove it?

     We don't want to remove a leg, we want to cut out a cancer. Consider 
AP extreme chemiotherapy. 

Petro, Christopher C.
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