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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]

jim bell wrote:
> At 05:48 PM 9/23/96 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
> >So Jim Bell is opposed to "truly random attacks on ordinary citizens"
> >Its this type ofappoligia for terrorism that disgusts me utterly.
> >He is calling for murder but wants to dress it up in whatever
> >psychotic justifications he can.
> >He is also completely wrong. When the IRA attemoted to assasinate my 
> >cousin I was in no way intimidated and neither was he. He continued
> >as a senior poitician for over a decade despite continued danger. I
> >can think of no less effective method of bringing about change in
> >attitudes. And he, along with others, failed to solve the problems as 
> >well.  Is this progress?
> >I am in no way intimidated by Bell either. He is a kook and I don;t
> >think it he is worth further consideration.

> For the record, if an AP-type system were to operate it would:
> 1.  Make it impossible for the British to continue to station troops
> in Northern Ireland, an eventuality that I suppose Phill resists.
> However, it would also:
> 2.  Make it impossible and unnecessary for the British to have any
> troops anywhere, because it would eliminate  its government and
> military.  It would no longer be a country, merely an island with 
> people living there.
> 3.  Make it unnecessary in Northern Ireland to protect the Catholics 
> from
> the Protestants, or the Protestants from the Catholics,  because the
> trouble-makers from both (all?) sides would be quickly erased from the
> scene.  Nobody would rule anybody. Nobody COULD rule anybody.  All
> factions would either be peaceful or dead, their choice.  No political 
> advantage could be gained by violence, because all politics would have 
> ceased.
> 4.  Make it unnecessary and pointless for Northern Ireland to re-unify 
> with
> Ireland, because likewise the government and military of Ireland would
> dissolve, as well as all political structure in that land as well.
> In short, the only reasons that the current problems are maintained in
> Northern Ireland and Britain would be eliminated by the advent of AP.
> So who is the "kook," really?

Lessee if I have this right, now.  We have basically three scenarios:

1. Allow the status quo to continue (the justice system scam now run by
   Janet Reno/Louis Freeh types et al.
2. Allow the people some democracy in applying justice through AP.
3. Sometime in the future, build the Gort(?) robots, as in The Day The
   Earth Stood Still, and let them do the job.

Whatcha think?