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Re: heavensgate.com?

I was typing quickly and carelessly. If you want to send me something
that's anonymous *and* encrypted, that's when my public key would come in

That invitation still stands, of course, for anyone who wants to pass
along any info on the Heaven's Gate organization.

Anyway, we put a mirror up at:



On Thu, 27 Mar 1997, Timothy C. May wrote:

> At 2:43 PM -0500 3/27/97, Declan McCullagh wrote:
> >Does anyone have a copy of the heavensgate.com web pages?
> >If you want to send something anonymously, finger -l [email protected] for my
> >PGP public key.
> Wouldn't just using an anonymous remailer work better? Encrypting a message
> to your public key and then mailing it will not preserve sender anonymity.
> Doing both would maybe be better, but for casual journalistic
> whistleblowing, the remailers are more important than encrypting to the
> recipient (unless Declan fears interception at _his_ site).
> (Am I missing something?)
> --Tim, whose parents live less than two miles from the Departure Zone for
> the Hale-Bopp Shuttlecraft
> (P.S. Does this mean the San Diego Cypherpunks meetings will be more
> lightly attended?)