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Re: Bright, Loud and Quick OR...?

At 09:20 AM 9/9/97 -0500, Frank wrote:
> "Building a nuclear capability would cost $1 billion or more, require
1,300 engineers, and take years. Developing biological weapons could cost
less than $100,000, require five biologists, and take just a few weeks,
using equipment that is readily available almost anywhere in the world."
Science News 5/18/96
>Disregarding the creative chemistry experiments available under your sink
and around the house, but considering the way the government and media can
characterize any assortment of household items or literature a question
arises - If you have meat in your refrigerator do you in fact have the basis
for a biological weapon of mass destruction? The fact that many foods can be
readily converted (by improper handling or outright negligence) to poisons
can beg the question of whether having food in your posession does not
constitute a health hazard to your children. AND we all know that the well
being of one child is what it is all about. Don't we? 
Don't disregard them too quickly.
I can't remember the name of the fungus, or the toxin extracted from it,
(and my science and technology encyclopedias are 2 hours away), but there is
a common fungus found in soil.  This is the stuff that can survive high temp
IF memory serves, it's botulism, that is no guarantee.
Anyway, this toxin was listed in the text that I have access to as being one
of the strongest known to man.
And it is literally under your feet.

Of course I don't know how to distill it, but I could probably make some