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Re: Bright, Loud and Quick OR...?

Lucky Green wrote: 
>      At 09:20 AM 9/9/97 -0500, Frank wrote:
>      >>>>
>      Based on recent statements by "officials" of the former
>      Soviet Union a number of "suitcase" nukes are missing.
>      Possible sale price - $1,000,000. 
> <<<<
> $1,000,000 per suitcase nuke seems way to cheap. Heck, at that price,
> some individuals on this list might be in the market. What's the yield
> of these suitcase nukes?
> BTW, any idea what the law has to say about private ownership of nukes
> by US citizens? Assume for a moment that the actual device is kept
> outside the US.

They are legal to own, as long as you don't carry them concealed on
your physical person.
It is legal to keep them in a locked suitcase.

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