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Re: mirroring services, web accounts for ecash

At 7:47 AM -0800 1/13/98, Adam Shostack wrote:

>	I think that a Silk Road system, where most of the money flows
>between neighbors, might be a useful model.  Its also worth

A flaw here is that the Real Silk Road (tm) had merchants up and down the
line knowing the value of what they were buying, the rugs, silks, spices,
gold, etc.

Extending this to a long series of "encrypted" items is much more
problematic. If the "final buyer" in "Damascus" ends up with a worthless
item, does he blame the seller in "Kabul" or the seller in "Tashkent" or
the seller all the way back the line?

I don't see a "Silk Road" chain as being any improvement over the direct
broadcast offer of a conventional Blacknet system.

>considering getting the US Government to build and operate most of
>Blacknet for us as a base for sting operations, much the way Arizona
>State police distributed $7m marijuana to get $3m in seizures.  Lots
>of people got to smoke, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Even less likely. (Though I did hear of some interest by the DoD in what
Blacknet could mean for their ability to keep secrets.)

And with full untraceability, it would hardly work for "stings." Unless
they could cause participants to trip themselves up and make mistakes,
revealing their true names. Unlikely after the first few publicized

--Tim May

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