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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

Ryan Lackey wrote:
> BTW, I don't really like the overly negative names for Eternity, like
> "inferno", or whatever.  I like to think my data is *good* data, deserving
> of a better fate.  Elysium, perhaps?   Or just use "eternity"
> in place of "eternityspace" (a word I never should have used, since it means
> the same thing), as in "upload these files to eternity", "the collection
> of files currently stored in eternity", etc.  Little danger of confusion
> with pedestrian meanings of the word eternity, too, I think, and there
> is no real reason to draw a distinction between eternity the location for
> documents and eternity the overall system for creating such a space.

How about "perpetuity"? Nice and neutral. "Stored in perpetuity" is a
concept everyone understands, too. :-)



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