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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

Thomas Womack wrote:

| I suspect you will still run into things which are illegal anywhere;
| national-security stuff can be handled provided you've got a complete list

National security stuff has to be source controlled.  You can't expect
the New York Times to not publish the Pentagon papers once they've
leaked.  The responsibility is on the owner of the data to keep it
secret, not on the whole world to help once he's screwed up.  There
are times when the people who get the data may choose not to
redistribute it, but the decision to redistribute has been made before
it gets to the eternity server.  The Times did not steal the Pentagon

| of pairs of unfriendly nations, but I don't think (eg) the more extreme sort
| of kiddyporn is legal *anywhere*.

Somalia? Go places where the government is either non-existant or
otherwise pre-occupied, and pay to drop IP in.  The locals get
communication infrastructure as long as they leave you alone, but if
the linux box that has the web server goes down, so do the phone


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."