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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Adam Shostack wrote:
> Thomas Womack wrote:
> | of pairs of unfriendly nations, but I don't think (eg) the more 
> | extreme sort of kiddyporn is legal *anywhere*.
> Somalia? Go places where the government is either non-existant or
> otherwise pre-occupied, and pay to drop IP in.  The locals get
> communication infrastructure as long as they leave you alone, but if
> the linux box that has the web server goes down, so do the phone
> lines.

Well as far as countries that have governments that don't really
exist there is always Liberia, But I personally would like my
own militia included with their business development package.

If I remember Black Unicorn's posts some months back about the
Seychelles, The Rene government will protect you from extradition
from any country with their military for what? $6 million?

Anguilla seems to be a doing agood job on becoming a country
willing on hosting data havens.
And there are likely under a hundred oil companies looking 
for firms to 'recycle' their old oil platforms and drilling
rigs wasting away around the world, I'm sure some might just
give you one just to be rid of future liability.


William Knowles
[email protected]

The information standard is more draconian than the gold
standard, because the government has lost control of the
marketplace.  --  Walter Wriston