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Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

At 1:23 PM -0800 1/13/98, William Knowles wrote:

>If I remember Black Unicorn's posts some months back about the
>Seychelles, The Rene government will protect you from extradition
>from any country with their military for what? $6 million?

Or until a higher bid comes in....

Really, there is no security in meatspace. Not compared to the security
mathematics provides.

Whether floating offshore barges or abandoned oil rigs or compliant Third
World dictatorships, no "data haven" with an identifiable nexus in
meatspace will last for long, at least not serving all types of materials.

When I read Sterling's "Islands in the Net," in 1988, I was initially upset
that he'd "discovered" my own developing ideas about data havens (though I
called it crypto anarchy), but then pleased to see how he he'd missed the
boat on the role cyberspace and strong crypto would inevitably play.

But the legacy of "data havens" is that people get the wrong idea, by
thinking of a data haven as a "place." In actuality, what's important are
the retrieval mechanisms, not the place things are possibly stored.

Hence approaches like Blacknet.

(The parallels with the international money system are obvious...it is less
important each year that passes just "where" the underlying store of value
is physically stored. There are some important issues and differences,

--Tim May

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