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Re: [Fwd: [cpj:265] COS]

At 8:39 PM -0700 11/22/97, Tim May wrote:
>At 12:06 PM -0700 11/22/97, TruthMonger wrote:
>>Have you heard of a Mac compatible OS called "COS" from Omega in East
>>I just found an article about it in Japanese Mac mag and that says Omega
>>announced the OS 11/13 at German MacWorldExpo.
>>There's an interview with Omega's president in the article saying the OS
>>runs on 030, 040 & PowerPC without MacROM inside. So bunch of Mac clones
>>and CHRP mother boards from Taiwan etc may find a way....

Any reason someone couldn't sell a generic (e.g., CHRP-like) PowerPC platform which can has at switch-selectable space for at least two OS boot SRAMs?  Ship it with Linux, but let the customer load whatever boot and OS they want.  There, of course, would be nothing the OEM could do if someone anonymously posted a MacOS compatible boot on a .warez group which purchasers subsequently loaded along with their separately purchased copy of MacOS 8-)