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RE: politically correct bomb graffiti

~>  Pentagon Decries U.S. Bomb Graffiti
~> Tuesday, December 22, 1998; 1:24 a.m. EST
~> WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Department officials said Monday they were
~> distressed about ``thoughtless graffiti'' referring to the Islamic holy
~> month of Ramadan on a Navy bomb being prepared for dropping on Iraq.

What's the 90's PC war cry?  Go ahead and nuke 'em, just don't be
insensitive about it.

How much will it cost U.S. taxpayers when the US Navy and Pentagon duke it
out over freedom of religion vs. freedom of speech?

I personally am offended by grey, so I'll kindly request that any bombs
thrown at me be painted in a primary color.  Anyone else?