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Trust in Cyberspace

We offer the National Academy of Sciences September
1998 report, "Trust in Cyberspace," a 243-page survey
of all security issues and technologies associated with the 
Internet and computer networks:

   http://jya.com/tic-intro.htm  (Introduction only, 58K)

   http://jya.com/tic.htm  (Full report, 882K)

   http://jya.com/tic.zip  (Full report zipped, 302K)

The report reviews prior studies such as the CRISIS report
on cryptography, the PCCIP report on protecting US
infrastructure, the DoD report on Information Warfare -
Defense, and several others, assesses those findings
in greater depth, looks at technology and research
needed, and recommends what government (NSA and
DARPA) and private industry/eduation should do to
assure security.

NSA is upbraided for its opposition to strong cryptography 
and culture of overcontrolling secrecy. NSA's R2 research 
unit is singled out as needing to find ways to compete with 
industry for the best talent so that the agency's skills and 
tools do not lag the world market.