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RE: politically correct bomb graffiti

At 10:59 AM -0800 12/22/98, Jim Gillogly wrote:
>~> WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Department officials said Monday they were
>~> distressed about ``thoughtless graffiti'' referring to the Islamic holy
>~> month of Ramadan on a Navy bomb being prepared for dropping on Iraq.
>xasper8d writes:
>> What's the 90's PC war cry?  Go ahead and nuke 'em, just don't be
>> insensitive about it.
>While I also would be more offended by someone bombing me into a
>thin film of viscera and connective tissue than by having them
>ridicule my beliefs, I think the Pentagon was more concerned about
>the effect on our allies in the Gulf.  The recent bombing was an
>attack against the Iraqi military and leadership rather than on
>Islam, and having that graffito get big airplay could offend other
>countries that we'd prefer not to offend.  So while they looked
>silly complaining about the Ramadan reference, they'd have looked
>worse if they'd passed it off with a shrug and/or another ethnic
>or religious slur.

We bombed during "Bombadan" to send the ragheads a message. I thought this
was obvious to all.

--Tim May

We would go to their homes, and we'd kill their wives and
their children. We would kill their families
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