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RE: politically correct bomb graffiti

~> WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Department officials said Monday they were
~> distressed about ``thoughtless graffiti'' referring to the Islamic holy
~> month of Ramadan on a Navy bomb being prepared for dropping on Iraq.

xasper8d writes:
> What's the 90's PC war cry?  Go ahead and nuke 'em, just don't be
> insensitive about it.

While I also would be more offended by someone bombing me into a
thin film of viscera and connective tissue than by having them
ridicule my beliefs, I think the Pentagon was more concerned about
the effect on our allies in the Gulf.  The recent bombing was an
attack against the Iraqi military and leadership rather than on
Islam, and having that graffito get big airplay could offend other
countries that we'd prefer not to offend.  So while they looked
silly complaining about the Ramadan reference, they'd have looked
worse if they'd passed it off with a shrug and/or another ethnic
or religious slur.

There is of course a long tradition of personalizing ordnance; ISTR
that the bomb in Dr. Strangelove had more of a message than just its
	Jim Gillogly
	Sterday, 2 Yule S.R. 1999, 18:50, 11 Chicchan 18 Mac, Sixth Lord of Night