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Re: Internet Threat To Israel, Say Rabbis

"William H. Geiger III" <[email protected]> wrote:
>FWIW I agree that the Library(s) should be forced to do something about
>patrons jacking off in public. I personally would find it quite disgusting
>to have the guy next to me in the library start masturbating. If the pigs
>can't show even the slights amount of self control in public they belong
>in a cage.
>As far as Jodi's ultimate goal of censoring the library computers and the
>internet as a whole I do not support.

Two problems:

1.  Public libraries

2. What kind of problem is masturbation in libraries anyway?

Two Solutions:

1. Private libraries

2. First install privacy screens on the Internet terminals.  This 
will prevent busy bodies like Hoffman and Burt from trolling the 
stacks looking for someone enjoying themselves more than they are. 
If that doesn't work, why not provide private rooms.  In fact why not 
just install terminals in the toilet stalls?

Regards,  Matt-

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