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Re: Internet Threat To Israel, Say Rabbis

At 04:19 AM 1/9/00 -0500, Matthew Gaylor wrote:

>Two Solutions:
>1. Private libraries

an abomination, to a cypherpunk,

>2. First install privacy screens on the Internet terminals.  This 
>will prevent busy bodies like Hoffman and Burt from trolling the 
>stacks looking for someone enjoying themselves more than they are. 

Fuck Hoffman and Burt, it's a public library, fer chrisakes, OpSec means
something, know where the power switch to the monitor is, and react
violently.  Not with physical violence mind you, but loudly make a fuss
about your term paper and people spying over your shoulder,

>If that doesn't work, why not provide private rooms.  In fact why not 
>just install terminals in the toilet stalls?

and the logical but totally ridiculous end to this absurdity.