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Re: New Article On Web Drug Info Ban By Dana Larsen

People vastly underestimate the difficulty of voting. 

How do you make a sane choice from the current crop of shitheads?

Makes a Trump-Ventura ticket look like healthy escapism.

> At 08:42 PM 1/8/2000 -0800, Lizard wrote:
> >
> >That is the most infuriating thing about this endless battle -- the losers
> >not only do not suffer, not even emotionally, but they often profit by it.
> >"See!" they claim. "I worked oh-so-hard to save your children, but those
> >bleeding-heart pinkos at the ACLU (or 'those right-wing gun nuts at the
> >NRA', if they're gutting the Second, not the First) stopped me!"
> >
> As we speak, McCain's ads are proudly proclaiming that he supported COPRA
> (which the courts have seen fit to block). These jerks can't lose...they
> trash the constitution, then wear that as a badge of honor. 
> jay