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Re: Rander box and other stuff

All of these designs leave us Mac users a bit out in the cold.  My powerbook
100 has one lonely little serial port and no parallel port.  Desktop macs
usually have two serial ports, and it's not easy to add more.

For us powerbook users (and also for users of other notebooks), we want
something which is internal.  It's horible to have little things dangling
off of your nice little notebook.  They inevitably get pulled out, etc.

Basically it seems to me that a good solution would be to use some type of
serial device for Unix type machines, and then work on a series of cards for
IBM clones and notebooks.  How about a random bit device on one of those
little cards that most of the newer notebooks have?  I forget the name of
the standard for that, but lots of them use it now.