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re: Rander box and other stuff

 U>   A lab proven method:  Take CD-ROM.  Place in standard 
 U> kitchen microwave.    Set on high power cook for 5 
 U> seconds.  Press start.  Watch the action.

If its a CD ROM, then there's a bunch of them. Someone else will have
a copy. Aternately, Iif you mark which keys are used, then it will be
detectable which keys were used (sic). It would be better to have all
of the CD ROMs laying about, untouched, and secret the key-selection

PS: I get lots of really bad CDs in the mail, from the days when I was
doing HOMOCORE zine. I used to save up big stacks of them and try to
trade them in at used record stores. They are all so awful (eg.
bottom-rotation gunk on "modern rock" stations.) that the stores
won't take them! 

I now nuke 'em. Far more fun!

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