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Chaum's papers

A couple of people have asked for references to Chaum's papers.
The August, 1992 issue of Scientific American was mentioned here, I think.
The ACM paper I referred to is "Security Without Identification:
Transaction Systems to Make Big Brother Obsolete", October 1985.
The "DC-Net" is described in "The Dining Cryptographers Problem:
Unconditional Sender and Recipient Untraceability", Cryptology, 1988,
volume 1, p65-75.
The "Mix-net", which is similar to the remailers we are experimenting
with, is described in "Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses,
and Digital Pseudonyms", CACM, February, 1981.
Chaum also frequently presents papers at the Crypto conferences, so
if you can get access to the proceedings of these at the library you
will usually find one or two papers by him in each volume.  However,
in recent years he has published on other topics which don't seem as
relevant to the freedom/privacy issues we are concerned with.
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