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"gleason speaks at CPSR..."

Just a quick note of reassurance here.  Someone at BMUG saw something I
posted about crypto and education and values, and suggested I give a short
talk on that to get discussion going.  I will definitely Not 1) be a
"spokesperson" for anything or anyone other than my own views, and 2) say
anything likely to arouse premature publicity regarding things going on in
the group or on the list.  So in other words I intend to play it way
careful, low-key, stick to social issues, and make it clear that there are
many people far more qualified than I to discuss technical aspects in
detail, and make it clear that there is wide debate and difference of
opinion on the subjects of discussion.  

Now also, apologies for not contacting other folks on the list here when
this was just getting set up.  Actually it surprised the heck out of me to
find out how fast the date came up; I was expecting at least another week.
Properly, there are at least ten or twenty people on our list who could be
addressing other groups on these issues.   Any feedback, email back to me
quick, because it's about 12 hours from now...!