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the list

>From: George A. Gleason <[email protected]>

>Just a quick note of reassurance here.  Someone at BMUG saw something I
>posted about crypto and education and values, and suggested I give a short
>talk on that to get discussion going.  I will definitely Not 1) be a
>"spokesperson" for anything or anyone other than my own views, and 2) say
>anything likely to arouse premature publicity regarding things going on in
>the group or on the list.

"Premature" publicity? This list isn't exactly a private club -- I bet
the government folks know exactly what it is we are discussing and in
great detail. Posting something to a list like this means it isn't a
secret any longer. Not that we are much of a threat -- the average
subscriber here seems to have far more opinions than knowledge.

If you have something you want to see done, just go out and do it.
Don't form a committee to discuss the matter. Things that get
discussed on this list immediately enter my list of things I'm
unlikely to see anyone else build any time soon.

Sorry for lashing out, but the drivel is getting thick enough to cut
with a chainsaw. Repeating, if you want to do something, just go out
and do it, don't talk.