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crypto banking

I'd like to see a digital bank go up as well - just to be able to work
through the protocol, at first.  I took a cryptography course last
summer at the university, and learned a lot (and had some fun!)
working through various protocols: coin flipping, poker, subliminal
channels, number comparison without giving away the numbers involved,
signatures, etc., and more recently since joining this group: dc-nets.
It doesn't have to be fancy: this list or maybe just email between
various participants at first, maybe then a fancier system with
transactions posted or made public for study, then a more advanced
system with telnet or mail to the digital bank and transactions kept
private.  We could make everybody's account balance public and then
study ways to avoid traffic analysis on account fluctuations (maybe
the only way to do this is to keep balances secret) - maybe everyone
can have more than one account and pay off transactions with a little
bit from each account (this would be inconvenient though...)
	Anyway, I'm just rambling on... :-)

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