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Re: Remailer Unreliability

> What if it was possible to specify an alternate remailer?  In the case that
> a remailer went down, you could specify an alternate.  For example:
[ Snip! ]
> If foo.com was down, the message would be delivered to bar.com instead.
> The PGP message would have to be readable to both of them, so it would
> decrease security, but reliability would be better, especially for
> reply blocks.  Comments?
Hmmm. Not as secure, but how about this... (a kind of script)

begin A
  if active([email protected]) mail([email protected],B,C)
  elseif active([email protected]) mail([email protected],B,C)

begin B
 { next block of scripts for chain... remailer would encrypt B and C
 blocks for appropriate mailer }

begin C
 { this block would be cargo... could even contain multiple messages? }

That's a pseudoscript, but you get the idea... (no pun intended ;)