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Re: Noise: anyone experience with brain waves input devices (IBVA,...)


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> I'd like to know if anyone have first hand experience with brain wave
> and other (hyped) input devices like IBVA or others and/or pointers to
> informations ?

The pioneering work in this field was done by Andrew Junker, formerly Air
Force labs. He now uses his system to sail his boat. At Rand Mac Millan
Air Force Base, they have a simulator that is controlled by brain waves
Note that all the brain wave interfaces only allow a simple left/right
type of control. Right turn is easy, but left turn is rather hard to
learn. Anything bejond that, as well as direct input of data into the
brain requires a direct link to neurons that can only be achieved by
surgical means. 

See Brindley G S et al and the work done by Normann R A at U of Utah for
the studies that defined the field. I have developed a design that solves
the notorious problem of connecting the silicon matrix to individual
neurons, but really can't elaborate on it until I get around to file a
patent for it. Also take a look at the breakthroughs reported in PHYSICS
NEWS UPDATE The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News
Number 236: August 7, 1995 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein available at

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