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Re: Distributed co-operative theorem proving, anyone? - was Java

Aleph One / [email protected]
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On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote:

> The core dumping shows that Java can ALSO write files into the file
> system, something it was claimed to NEVER be able to do! If you could
> get the right name for the core file, and set up the first few bytes
> right, ... 

Please stop and go read the documentation and papers off sun's web site.
Who ever said that Java cant write to file are not in their right mind.
Those who belive it are more so. Java is a programming language. It can
certanly write to files. Now whatever an interpreter (in this case called
by HotJava or Netscape ) allows the application to do is another thing.
You can as well distribute binary C programms but before running them
try to examine it to see if access the filesystem. (You might even hack
your kernel or libraries to stop any process with certain flag from doing 
so). Java just makes this easier. You can even set up the HotJava browser 
to do no security check at all. All depends in the security model you choose.
Dito for net connections or anything else.

Now if all of you would please go use the product or learn more about it 
before bashing it I would not have to waste my time reaplying to this.

> Why not start much simpler.  Write a Java program to disrupt services by
> flooding the local network with garbage packets - or with some sort of
> request it lets you write. How about a Java program that launches SATAN
> probes against all reachable hosts?

See about. Read the hotjava man page.