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Re: Distributed co-operative theorem proving, anyone? - was Java

Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote:

| > For the general case this is true. To be able to trust larger systems, you
| > need to not only be able to trust the individual 2 pagers, but to also be
| > able to show that composing the sub units doesn't lose whatever property
| > you're trying to do.
| ...
| > Distributed co-operative theorem proving, anyone?
| Let's go - I will provide the distribution mechanisms, and I think I
| know someone who is interested in the theorem proof side.  I know of
| several experts on theorum proving who may well pitch in.  What program
| do you want to prove secure next (we're currently finishing up my secure
| Web server).

	I'd be real intereseted in seeing an MTA proven secure.  Smail
or Zmailer perhaps?


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