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Elementrix POTP


Hello again cypherpunks:

Sorry to continue "beating a dead horse" here, but I forwarded a few
C-punks' messages regarding the Elementrix "Power One-Time Pad" to
this person, and I thought you might be interested in her (somewhat
cryptic <g>) response.

Forwarded message follows:
>Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 20:34:53 +0200
>From: Maia Aron <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Re: POTP
>Hi, it took me a little while to respond; we've been getting a lot of 
>inquiries following the Interop show.
>The short answer is: everything that people are guessing we are, including 
>the guesses mentioned in the cypherpunks info you attached, is not what we 
>are. I.e., it's not an autokey cipher, it's not like DES, there is no way 
>to track relationships between yesterday's and today's ciphertexts. The 
>encryption is not done by using an encryption algorithm.
> Unfortunately, and we really mean unfortunately, we can only reveal what 
>"it is" to people who agree to a non-disclosure arrangement while we're 
>patent pending. Otherwise we would have no problem revealing the whole 
>method. So far, every international expert who has reviewed the method 
>agrees (after many, many hours and days of trying to find holes) that POTP 
>really does what we say it does.
>You can share this with whomever you'd like. Sorry I can't say much more.
>Maia Aron
>Vice President, Marketing
>Elementrix Technologies Inc.
>850 Third Avenue
>New York, NY 10022
>phone: 212-888-8879
>fax:   212-935-3882
>email: [email protected]
End of forwarded message.

So, I guess we know what they *aren't*, but not what they *are*...Is
this the first example (in modern history) of encryption that's *not*
done by using an encryption algorithm, or am I just missing something?

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Regards, Jim Ray

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