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Re: Hal's Third Challenge?

> Any movement towards a third cracking session.  I know poor Netscape seems
> like old hat but it might be good to do one more to establish a working
> server (if we have one).

Indeed -- with the time to crack down to a few seconds using cryptanalytic
instead of brute, and netscape moving to 128 bit, there seemed little point in
going for netscape again.

It seems that microsoft was the one to go for, as they too use 40 bit for
each session ....  If someone can generate the CRACKing code and someone can
donate an example, I'd be DELIGHTED to arrange another BRUTE !

PS: any non US people willing to test my PGP "Multi Protocol fast lookup"
    as per http://www.pgp.net/pgp/ ? I'd like to see how fast it is from
    distant parts (at 0.3 - 0.6 s real time locally, network delays will
    be significant ...)