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Re: Identity database, another attempt...


In list.cypherpunks, [email protected] writes:

>         Not really related to the deadbeat dads thing, but we
> got a notice that the US DOT has mandated that all air passengers
> must present a gov't issue photo ID with a name that matches that
> on your ticket.  In addition it says that passengers should:
>         * be prepared to answer questions about their bags.
>         * be prepared to open the trunk of their car.

Have you flown recently?  They now ask you this scripted question about
whether you have been approached by anyone you don't know since arriving
at the airport, and warn you not to accept anything from a stranger or
leave your carry-on baggage unattended until you board the plane.  The
ticket agent told me it was a "new FAA regulation".  I hadn't flown
anywhere for a few years.  Anyone know how long this has been happening?

>         Goodbye freedom, hello police state.

I wonder how long before I need a passport to cross a state line...

OBsecurity:  Both directions, I had to carry a PC-Bus servo controller
card.  It's not nice to x-ray an EPROM, so I had it hand-inspected.  I
wouldn't let them open the static bag without a strap.  Both times, the
guard gave it a casual glance and passed it through.  In San Antonio,
they x-rayed the box while I held the card.  This particular card
assembly is pretty large.  A dummied version would have a sizeable
hidden compartment.
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