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airport security

Roy M. Silvernail wriote:

>Have you flown recently?  They now ask you this scripted question about
>whether you have been approached by anyone you don't know since arriving
>at the airport, and warn you not to accept anything from a stranger or
>leave your carry-on baggage unattended until you board the plane.  The
>ticket agent told me it was a "new FAA regulation".  I hadn't flown
>anywhere for a few years.  Anyone know how long this has been happening?
>         Goodbye freedom, hello police state.
>I wonder how long before I need a passport to cross a state line...

  The US is merely trying to catch up to what the Europeans have been doing
for over a decade. In fact, the US still has a way to go. You ought to pass
through Heathrow in London some time to see what real airport security looks
like. The US security changes are a recent response, starting after the
World Trade Center bombing and being stepped up on a continuing basis.
Today you need a picture ID to board with your ticket. Tomorrow...? We have
lived in relative safety compared to the rest of the world, but I think those
days are over. 

Usual disclaimer.  Bob Bruen.