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Re: Guess what I found...

Donald M. Kitchen wrote:
> [email protected] (Richard Ryan) writes:
> >Had my first hard core, proveable case of MSN reading someones drive. Store
> >Client had entered fantasy company name upon installing a program. Forgot about
> >it, didn't tell anyone. 2 days after downloading a simple text file from MSN a
> >junk mail offering from Pitney-Bowes showed up in his snail mailbox addressed
> >to him c/o the fantasy company. Somebody is playing somewhere they shouldn't
> >be. Any comments, Microsoft?
> I registered as Richard E. Graves (changing middle initials and adding an
> unnecessary suite number to your address are good ways to track who has
> been selling whom your address). Richard E. Graves also received mail from
> Pitney-Bowes.
> Microsoft says they don't sell their mailing lists. Clearly, someone has
> taken advantage of security holes in the NT servers that make up MSN and
> *stole* the mailing lists. Maybe unauthorized external access accounts for
> the abysmal performance of MSN, in part.

Hmmm...  Did you guys check the box that says not to give your name out when 
signing up?  I did and I haven't gotten any junk mail yet.  I've been using MSN for 
half a year now.  Of course if there is a security hole, then the checkbox would 
hardly matter.


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