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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

> Eric Murray <[email protected]> writes:
> What the hell is wrong with you people?  Up 'til a few months
> ago, the oft-heard refrain on cipherpunks was "why won't the

What do you mean "you people"?  There are <lots> of people on this list,
with lots of different opinions.  Don't attribute this kvetching to
Cypherpunks in general.  In fact, don't attribute <any> opinion to
Cypherpunks in general.  Probably most of the non-press members here share
an interest in helping people communicate privately, but that's about it.

We're all individuals here.
				[small voice in back of crowd: "I'm not."]

	Jim Gillogly
	24 Winterfilth S.R. 1995, 18:46