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Re: what are these people selling????

Timothy C. May writes:
> At 11:43 PM 10/13/95, Censored Girls Anonymous wrote:
> >I mean maybe we could get Microhard to do a meeting.
> >Or the dreaded RSA or somebody.
> Jim Bidzos, President of RSADSI, attended our special "Clipper" meeting the
> weekend after Clipper was announced, in April 1993.
> I'm not saying this in defense of RSADSI and their patent situation, just
> to note that they are not "dreaded."

Jim Bidzos and some of us might have interesting interactions on
patent issues, but I've got to emphasize that he's no demon. He's a
guy trying to make a buck on his patent properties -- by and large he
has the same interests about seeing cryptography spread that the rest
of us do.