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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

> Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Josh M. Osborne") 
> on Sun, 15 Oct 12:0  AM
> The PR of Bugs Bounty is the aim, as the quick-market-adapter 
> Netscape Chair speechified in FR.
> Promoting the notion that hackers are earnestly attacking 
> Netscape and reporting its bugs increases its credibility to 
> the stock market porkers. Is that not why dear 
> all-too-attentive Jeff has been assigned duty on this list, 
> feeding peanuts to chimp hackers and champ newshacks?


I'm afraid you're a little out of line here.
I've worked with Jeff at a couple different companies
over the last 6 years.  Besides being a very good programmer
he's also one of the people I consider the most resistant
to corportate bullstuff (beleive me, we both got a lot of it at MicroUnity). 
I'm sure he's on this list because he thinks it's a good
idea to pay attention to it.

What the hell is wrong with you people?  Up 'til a few months
ago, the oft-heard refrain on cipherpunks was "why won't the
software vendors listen to us?"... now they're listening, and
pretty much all I see is complaints of "only a lousy thousand bucks!"
or "I sent this mail a whole two days ago and netscape hasn't opened
a dialog with me yet!"  or insulting their programmers for participating
on the list.   They're here, and listening, with real programmers
not PR weenies, and all most of you are doing is complaining.  

Yes, Netscrape turned getting hacked into a PR campaign via
the Bounty thing.  So?  You expected different?  PR is what
businesses do if they want to stay in business.   If you don't like
it you don't have to participate in the program.  If you think
that the token $1000 is insulting, you can give it to charity, or
go sell your hack for more $$ to Blacknet. :-)

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