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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] eCash reality !!


In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Alex de Joode) wrote:

> e-WAVE [issue 42], a dutch language electronic newsletter
> published by Riverland Publications, reports that DigiCash 
> has reached agreement with a big US bank to make eCash real. 
> DigiCash promised the 'scoop' to Newsweek, so in next monday's 
> issue of Newsweek we will know wich bank that is. (They are also 
> said to be talking with a Dutch or Belgian bank or financial 
> institution). 
> Since there has been cut a deal with the monetary powers I wonder 
> if we get the whole anonymous ecash or a 'diluted spieces'.

It will have the same features as the Ecash used in the trial. Payer is
anonymous, but the payee isn't. I hope that I'll be able to finish some
perl scripts that add this badly needed, but for political reasons
missing, feature by the end of the month.
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