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A comment about Netscape 2 and certifictes

Just some more noise about netscape 2,

I have been playing around with netscape 2b1 and have extracted the 
certificates it trusts from the cert.db file.  (The file is a Berkeley DB 
file and the certificates have a 7 byte prefix and a trailing printable 
string).  They are as follows

/C=US/O=AT&T/OU=Certification Authority
/C=US/O=AT&T Bell Laboratories/OU=Prototype Research CA
/C=US/SP=California/O=CommerceNet/OU=Server Certification Authority
/C=US/OU=Test CA/O=Netscape Communications Corp.
/C=US/O=RSA Data Security, Inc./OU=Commercial Certification Authority
/C=US/O=RSA Data Security, Inc./OU=Secure Server Certification Authority

The one unusual thing is that the CA for /OU=internetMCI/OU=MALL is missing
	issuer= /C=US/O=MCI/OU=internetMCI/OU=PCA  <<<<<<<
(the ComerceNet is signed by one of the RSA certificates)

The CommerceNet certificate is only using a 678 bit RSA modulus, the other 
certificates are either 1000 or 1024 bits long.

If anyone wants the certificates I can send them.

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